Part of the "AP" curriculum involves the "Breadth" portfolio (12 pieces for 2D, 6 pieces for 3D) that show a breadth of knowledge and mastery of mediums. The second part is a "Concentration" portfolio, where we have to investigate one main subject or medium for a 12 piece portfolio for 2D and an 6-10 piece for 3D. This means deciding on a subject (and possibly medium) that will keep me interested for the next few months! A VERY difficult task. 
As of right now, my 2D concentration looks like it may be something along the lines of glasses and what they can tell about a person--how they see something, their styles, hobbies, etc. My 3D one is a much different story! My ideas range from "dress for less" (outfits made of under $10) to coffee filters and their affects on nature... 
Don't worry, I'll keep all y'all posted.  

07/11/2012 12:09

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