Its been a while since I posted last on my Artist Posts Tab. But there is plenty to talk about! 

I recently received my AP Scores back from the AP Board for my  enrollment in AP 2D Design and AP 3D Design--and they were fabulous and higher than I could ever had expected! For my 2D Concentration, I focused on my love ones and the ones that helped me through the journey of high school and what their personalities truly were through the reflections in their glasses or sunglasses. This work can be seen in the 2D Art Work tab. For my 3D Concentration, I focused on "Dressing for Less" by making six looks out of materials that I salvaged, repurposed, or bought for under $10. This can be seen in the 3D Art Work tab, as well can a video of a fashion show of five of these works. 

In May, I went out to the LOVELY city of San Francisco to do my senior internship with Creavity Explored and Dandelion Chocolate! At CE, I worked in the studio and gallery, which gave me a broader understanding of the art world and the world of art therapy--and it also really cemented my interest in the field. At Dandelion Chocolate, I worked on window coverings for their new location in the Mission District on one of the biggest walking areas--Valencia Street! It was a wonderful experience--and you all should check out this great business and their wonderful products. You can see a small article from them on me here

I've also attached a picture of me at CE! 
Part of the "AP" curriculum involves the "Breadth" portfolio (12 pieces for 2D, 6 pieces for 3D) that show a breadth of knowledge and mastery of mediums. The second part is a "Concentration" portfolio, where we have to investigate one main subject or medium for a 12 piece portfolio for 2D and an 6-10 piece for 3D. This means deciding on a subject (and possibly medium) that will keep me interested for the next few months! A VERY difficult task. 
As of right now, my 2D concentration looks like it may be something along the lines of glasses and what they can tell about a person--how they see something, their styles, hobbies, etc. My 3D one is a much different story! My ideas range from "dress for less" (outfits made of under $10) to coffee filters and their affects on nature... 
Don't worry, I'll keep all y'all posted.  
Just finished a commission and I totally love it. Check it out!
School has finally winded down and now its time to start doing some art for next school year! There are no art camps on the agenda this summer, but lots of projects to do. At least 10 pieces I'm hoping will be cranked out this summer!
A few weeks ago, I talked about that Raku firing. Sadly, one of my pieces broke, but I am determined to fix it. My other pieces turned out fabulously! 
In other news, I am working on a bust of a child. It is my first bust, so its a bit difficult. In AP 2D drawing, I'm making a Lino-cut on extra hard lino, so my elbows hurt a little and the process is taking me a little longer than I anticipated. 

I thought it may be a nice idea to keep everyone updated on my recent work and shows. This is an easier way for me than always changing the "About Sarah" section of the site. 
Over the weekend of Nov. 6/7, I showed at Merrill Strange's studio on the Artists of Rappahannock Tour. It was a beautiful weekend for a show. I still have plenty left, so please check out the Art Work tab for further pictures, prices, etc. 
Today, I went on a Raku firing with my school's class of Advanced Sculpture. I'll upload pictures later this week. Those pieces will also be for sale. I did a pants theme for my three pieces. They get progressively more "pantsy" as I started creating more. The process was fascinating, but I smell like campfire smoke now. 

Thanks for reading!